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Mongol Rally Diaries Day 2: A Book a Mile

Travel Mongol Rally
by Leon Logothetis Jul 19, 2012

Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled “This could change your life.”
-Helen Exley

BY A TWIST OF FATE I eventually made it to my rendezvous with the Channel Tunnel. The Weather Gods were on my side as the English rain caused a two-hour delay. Lovely. This meant I would reach my destination of Brussels after all. Just in time for a well deserved nightcap. I was relieved to have a place to sleep. I was less relieved to find my bed for the evening, infested with bed bugs. People often tell me I need to socialize more but this was not what I had in mind!

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Todays journey took me to the German city of Nuremberg. A city made famous by the Nazi trials at the end of the Second World War. The travel time from my bug infested bed to Nuremberg was approximately 7.5 hours. Most people may be thinking that’s a long drive, but when you have just under 10,000 miles ahead and hundreds of hours of driving just around the corner, its not so bad. Everyday brings another few hundred miles onto the mileage clock.

This year, each mile means far more than being a step closer to Mongolia. I wanted to use these miles and make them count. So. For every mile I drive I will be donating a book to the charity First Book. Since the journey is 10,000 miles I will be donating 10,000 books. It feels good to know that every mile that appears on the odometer is a book for an underprivileged a child. A Book that hopefully will change a life for the better.

I have travelled 785 miles already. That’s 785 books and counting.

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