The Anatomy of a Travel Video: Opening Titles

by Joshywashington Nov 2, 2010
Like any frog or piece of art, travel videos can be reduced to their components so that we may understand how they effectively operate.

ONE OF THE FIRST things your viewer will experience is your titles, or lack thereof.

Titles or opening credits are important because they give your audience a way to transition into the story you are about to tell. Titles can set the mood for the video, add production quality and are key to branding yourself as a Video Ninja.

If your travel videos don’t have at least rudimentary titles you are trippin!

Your titles do not have to be complex animations or cost you a fortune. They can simply be a sequence put to music or the name of your video in a cool font. Although if you are developing a series of videos the more professional your titles are the more seriously you will likely be taken.

One thing is for sure, taking the time to add titles or an opening sequence to your travel videos sets you apart from the million other videos hastily edited and thrown up on Youtube.

Watch the opening titles for this selection of very different travel videos. What elements does the editor use to set the tone for the video? How is sound and music used? How does the titles help brand the host and the content of the video?

Which of these titles did you find most effective?

Your assignment: create cool titles for your next video! If you would like to create an original video for Matador download our pre-roll and post-roll here.

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