Watch: Tourists Are Trying Really Hard to Break This Terrifying Glass Bridge in China

by Matt Hershberger Jun 29, 2016

THE ZHANGJIAJIE BRIDGE IS THE MOST terrifying bridge in the world. It’s approximately 984 feet in the air, and it’s bottom is made of glass. Unsurprisingly, people tend to freak out when they cross it. While the pictures of people freaking out are pretty hilarious, the designers of the bridge have decided to give people a demonstration of just how safe the bridge actually is.

They’ve invited volunteers to hit the glass with a sledgehammer while standing on it. Then, after they smashed the glass, they drove a car over the glass.

None of the volunteers were able to smash through the glass, and the car didn’t fall through. But it’s a safe bet that people are still going to freak out on the bridge.

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