I Got Robbed in Costa Rica, but I Don't Regret a Second of It

Costa Rica Travel
by Carlo Alcos Mar 22, 2017

THE ABOVE is a true story that happened to Lisbon-based filmmaker Guilherme Melo Ribeiro. In an email he told me, “I was traveling to film an episode for my project Humaneyes.co and I got everything stolen from me. All the equipment, computer, passport and most importantly all the work in development that I had until that day. We were moving from Santa Teresa to another town, and we wanted to film a sunrise surf session before we left, so we had a lot of equipment in the car. We went to the water to film for 40 min and when I came back to change lenses everything had been stolen, just the camera that I was holding survived. Truth is, people warned me not to leave anything in the car. It was very frustrating and hard to deal with. I even almost cried of frustration.

“But half an hour later I started to realize how lucky I was to be able to travel and be alive and living. How small this problem was compared to the problems of the rest of the world. That’s when I realize I wasn’t going to waste my last days regretting and crying about it. So I took the 10% battery left in my camera to tell this story, in hope to inspire others to do the same. Unexpected things will always happen when you travel, so you just have to adapt and feel thankful for the good things that happen to you and to be able to see all these beautiful places in the world.”

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