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This Car-Free Island in Mexico Is a Peaceful Escape From the Beach Crowds

by Matador Creators Jul 24, 2023

Isla Holbox, an island nestled in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, is a destination perfect for those seeking calm away from the bustling tourist hotspots. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and abundant wildlife, Holbox offers a rare blend of relaxation and adventure that makes it an unforgettable retreat.

The island’s main charm lies in its laid-back atmosphere and untouched natural beauty. The sandy streets of Holbox are devoid of cars, with golf carts and bicycles being the primary mode of transportation. Walking barefoot along these streets or on the white sandy beaches, you’ll feel an immediate connection to the relaxed island lifestyle. The beaches are a dream come true for sunbathers and swimmers, with their warm turquoise waters and stunning sunsets.

Adventure seekers will find plenty to do in Holbox. The island is known for its excellent birdwatching opportunities, home to flamingos, pelicans, and other exotic species. But the most thrilling experience is swimming with the whale sharks that migrate through the waters between June and September. These gentle giants offer an unforgettable encounter for snorkelers and divers.

Holbox also offers a vibrant food scene, with a range of dining options catering to all tastes. From beachfront eateries serving fresh seafood to charming bakeries offering delicious pastries, the local cuisine is a delightful exploration of flavors. Don’t miss trying a lobster pizza, a local specialty that perfectly encapsulates the island’s maritime culture.

How to get there

Reaching Isla Holbox involves a combination of air and sea travel. The journey typically starts with a flight into Cancun International Airport. From there, take a two-hour drive north to the port town of Chiquila. This can be done via rental car, taxi, or bus service. Once in Chiquila, you’ll need to hop on a ferry for a 20-30 minute ride across Yum Balam Nature Reserve to reach Isla Holbox. For those seeking a quicker route, charter flights from Cancun to Isla Holbox are available but less frequent.

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