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Kaieteur Falls Is Guyana's Remote Waterfall That Can Only Be Reached by Plane

by Matador Creators Feb 24, 2023

Even those who are well traveled in South America may not have been to the small country of Guyana. Well, thanks to Kaieteur Falls, now you have a reason to visit. Located on the Potaro River in Kaieteur National Park, it is an impressive single drop waterfall with a spectacular view. For travelers looking to explore a unique part of the world, and since the waterfalls of Guyana aren’t typically as popular with travelers as those of Brazil or Argentina, you’ll be treated to an off-the-beaten-path sight that few travelers get to experience.


The astonishing Kaieteur Falls (📍Guyana, South America) 📽 by @bokehm0n

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Kaieteur Falls is one of Guyana’s most beautiful natural wonders. It was first discovered by a British explorer and geologist named Charles Barrington Brown in 1870, who named it after the Makushi Amerindian Chief Kai. Since then, they’ve been popular with locals and in-the-know travelers, and you may even recognize them from their appearance in several movies, like “The African Queen” and “Romancing The Stone.”

In addition to its Hollywood credits, Kaieteur Falls stands out for several reasons. One of which is its remote location — it’s situated in an isolated area that can only be accessed via airplane or boat rides — which adds to its mystique, as the falls aren’t exactly accessible to travelers without the willpower to venture there. Their size and scale are also impressive — the falls clock in at 741 feet high, which is five times higher than Niagara Falls. Because they’re extremely remote and isolated from most other tourist sites, there isn’t much light pollution around it, which allows for stunning sunrises and sunsets over the falls each day. Lastly, due to its sheer size and powerful force, you’ll find that many birds gather here, and seeing large flocks of birds fly around the falls is almost surreal.

Getting to Kaieteur Falls might be a bit tougher than the average waterfall pull-off in Iceland, but it’s not too daunting and is more than worth it. You can fly into Georgetown and then take a charter flight from Eugene F. Correira International Airport to Kaieteur National Park (about one hour). Once there, simply arrange for a tour guide who will show you around and give you information on the history and wildlife of the area.

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