Eben Diskin

Staff Writer at Matador, and pizza connoisseur with a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), Eben has traveled to over 35 countries and lived in the UK for a year. Reach him at ebend@matadornetwork.com or follow him on Instagram @ebenflow_.

Canada and Australia officially withdraw from the Olympics

Tinder is making its Passport feature free to help you cope with social distancing

The New York Public Library lets you download more than 300,000 books for free

TV medical dramas are donating their supplies to hospitals

Independent bookshops in England are offering home delivery during the coronavirus crisis

Customer leaves $9,400 tip to help Houston restaurant through the coronavirus closure

NYC bars and restaurants are getting creative with cocktails to go

Brazil sees first wild tapir birth in over a century

During lockdown, people get creative with workouts, bingo, and dance sessions

Norway’s prime minister holds a coronavirus press conference just for children

Kentucky Derby postponed until September amid the coronavirus health crisis

Two children put on a cello concert for their elderly neighbor in self-isolation

Netflix Party extension allows you watch and chat with friends while you’re stuck at home

Nepal is making yoga classes mandatory for school children

Customer leaves $2,500 tip at this Ohio bar before its closure due to the coronavirus

Venice’s canals are getting much clearer as coronavirus keeps tourists away

Hotels throughout the world could be converted into hospitals for coronavirus patients

Chicago aquarium lets penguins meet other animals during coronavirus closure

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