Marjorie Perry has 'gone local.' Three years ago she moved to Beijing from the US, and now she's in it for the long haul. She married a Beijinger, speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, and can deftly navigate the city's traffic as she whizzes through the gridlock on her electric scooter. Previously she worked as a research analyst in a think tank founded by a former US president; there she wrote regular reports on developments in the PRC, including social trends, the economy and government policies. Later she switched to the tourism industry, and worked for a luxury travel company based in Beijing. From there she got to see all of China and gained 15 pounds because "what if I never get another chance to eat this?" Now she works (very happily) as a freelance journalist; you can find her bylines in "AFAR", "South China Morning Post", "Narratively", "Culture Trip", "TimeOut Beijing", "China Daily", "The Beijinger", "The Prospect", and "Popula".