5 Exotic Animals That Are Smarter Than You Think

by Ian MacKenzie Mar 24, 2009

For far too long, humans have considered themselves superiour to the animals. But new proof is emerging that animals, particularly exotic ones like those featured below, possess mental abilities far exceeding those originally believed.

1. Dolphins blowing bubble rings

Filmed at Seaworld, these dolphins effortlessly blow bubble rings and play with them in their tanks.

2. Elephant painting other elephants

These surprisingly beautiful representations of other elephants are so good, the artist gets his own gallery showing.

3. Monkey peforming martial arts

You better wish you don’t meet this monkey in a dark alley.

4. Giraffe refrains from biting annoying tourist

This giraffe demonstrates incredible self control. If a tourist called me a “zebra” I don’t know if I could’ve held myself back.

5. Spiders behaviour on drugs

I know, spiders are technically insects…or wait…arachnids. But this documentary showcases some… unique… behaviour not previously observed in the wild.

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