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50+ Travel Magazines That Want to Publish Your Writing

by Ian MacKenzie Jul 9, 2007
Over 50+ online travel magazines that are looking for your new material.

AS EDITOR OF THIS magazine, I often receive submissions that fall into the travel narrative category.

This is everything from “My Trip To Ireland” to “Explore Sunny Greece” type travelogues and reviews.

Some of these submissions are quite good, while some are forgettable. But neither are the type of articles I publish here at Brave New Traveler.

Instead, we opt for the news, views, and editorial type articles that discuss the nature of travel – and everything that comes along with it.

Inevitably, this means I must reject many of the hopeful writers that send in their work. Luckily, there are a plethora of other travel magazines that ARE interested in these types of travel writing.

I’ve collected the first 50 travel magazines that I’ve discovered in this handy list.

Feel free to bookmark it, add to delicious or digg it, or forward to your travel writing friends to help spread the word. Enjoy!

  1. Tales of Asia
  2. Intrepid Travel
  3. Dreamscapes
  4. Granta
  5. Escape Artist
  6. Get Lost
  7. Outpost
  8. Outside
  9. Travel Africa
  10. The Travel Junkie
  11. Explore
  12. 21st Century Adventures
  13. Culture Connect
  14. Glimpse Abroad
  15. Tango Diva
  16. Pology
  17. Student Traveler
  18. The Travel Magazine
  19. Perceptive Travel
  20. Transitions Abroad
  21. Travel Magazine UK
  22. Lovetripper
  23. Inside Out Travel
  24. Travel Mag
  25. Go World Travel
  26. Meander
  27. Travel Lady
  28. Restless Me
  29. Cultural Survival
  30. Literary Traveler
  31. Stellar Magazine
  32. Far Flung
  33. Travel World
  34. In The Know Traveler
  35. Journey Woman
  36. Verge
  37. Latitudes
  38. Common Language Project
  39. Destination Elsewhere
  40. Third World Traveler
  41. Backpacker
  42. Wend Magazine
  43. Cognoscenti
  44. Greatest Escapes
  45. Hackwriters
  46. National Geographic Traveler
  47. RoadJunky
  48. So Go Now
  49. Travel Classics
  50. Travel With A Challenge
  51. Traveling Stories
  52. Matador Travel
  53. Roadtrip Magazine
  54. World Hum
  55. In Travel Magazine
  56. Wave Journey
  57. Backpacker Essentials
  58. Go Nomad

Do you know anymore that aren’t on the list? Put a link in the comments and I’ll add it above.

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