A Loftcube To Call Your Own

by Ian MacKenzie Dec 20, 2006

Loftcube Living

I lived in Sydney, Australia for 4 months.

During that time I worked a variety of jobs, including (failed) bartender, deejay, and junk mail stuffer in a warehouse outside of town. My goal was to save a bit of cash to fund the rest of my trip backpacking around the country in the new year.

Renting an apartment didn’t make sense at the time, since I didn’t want to sign a lease or get into any complicated relationships with other friends looking to share short term accommodation.

So aside from a temporary attempt to room with a drug-dealing friend of mine outside the city (which is another story entirely), I stuck to staying in various downtown hostels – a nuisance with a transient backpacker population, but what else could I do?

If only I’d had a Loftcube.

“What could a temporary, minimalistic domicile look like, to suit people of a nomadic lifestyle, living for short periods of time in large cities and dense urban areas, offering both sanctuary and social structure, and where might such temporary dwellings be built?”

If you think the rooftops of post-war high rises are the perfect place to set up your own urban pod, then you’d be right.

Read the full Loftcube story.

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