And The Secret Celebrity Judge Is...Ethan Zohn!

by Ian MacKenzie Apr 20, 2007

Ethan ZohnOn Monday, I announced the eclectic crew that would be judging the 5 Hilarious Photos Contest…with one exception. I mentioned a “secret celebrity judge” that would be unveiled later in the week, which I’m sure you’ve all been wracking your brains to solve.

So without further ado, the secret celebrity judge is Ethan Zohn.

You may know him as the winner of Survivor: Africa and as an advocate for Grassroot Soccer, which provides African youth with the skills and support to live HIV free.

You may be wondering how the heck I’d know Ethan. Well it turns out one of my previous side projects was trying to sway CBS Television to Let Me On Survivor – basically harness the support of Canadian fans to force them to allow Canadian contestants on the show (something they still haven’t allowed).

During the campaign I was able to contact and gain the endorsement of many past Survivor contestants, including Ethan. He actually wanted 10% of my possible million dollar winnings, but I pointed out he was already a million dollar winner himself.

So there you have it.

Only a few days left in the 5 Hilarious Travel Photos competition – deadline is midnight on April 22. We’ve had some fantastic entries so far, but there’s still room for yours.

After the entry phase closes, the judges will have until Wednesday to narrow their choices to the Top 5. From there I’ll open it up to a public vote for the winner. And the grand prize? A brand new copy of Lonely Planet Travel Photography: A Guide To Taking Better Pictures.

Don’t forget to send me an email when your entry is up. Good luck!

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