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by Ian MacKenzie Jun 24, 2007

a flight landingPlease note: This is a sponsored review.

The mantra of today’s air traveler seems to be “just get me there.” No frills, extra pillows, peanuts, or other perks must get in the way of the cheapest airfare possible. The industry is at each other’s throats weekly, each airline trying to undercut the other.

And the pricing war has been hastened by the arrival of internet airfare comparision tools, Firefox add-ons, RSS feeds, and other ways of tracking the rise and fall of best airfares.

But there’s one segment of the airline industry that has been overlooked by the bigger portals like Kayak and Expedia – a bevy of discount airlines have so far eluded much of the mainstream.

These airlines, over 100 throughout the world, are usually small, no frills, and ultimately inexpensive.

This was the unknown undercurrent that John Hostetler discovered when traveling through Europe in 2004, and decided to start the airline comparison website

The site is refreshingly simple, with little distractions from the task at hand – mainly, allowing you to search discount airline routes. If you don’t know exactly where to start, you can browse by city or by airline.

The beauty (or downfall) of is they don’t actually show any prices, but they do reveal harder to find airline routes that give you the full story when you’re trying to find the best carrier.

From there, you can book your flight directly with the airline, paying none of the middle-agent fees charged by the bigger portals along the way.

Along with the search engine tool, also offers a few handy articles, including How To Find Cheap Flights in 3 Easy Steps and Discount Airline Tips.

Basically, aims to be the first stop for travelers looking for the whole story on routes from both discount and non-discount airlines. The more you know, the better informed (and less you’ll pay) when booking your flight.

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