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by Ian MacKenzie Nov 7, 2006

What is it? - what's in yours? Make your own custom slideshows online and publish them to any website.

Who makes it?
Slide, Inc

Why should you use it?

If you’re wondering how to create a pretty nifty slideshow with your travel photos, will allow you to do it very quickly and easily. I signed up for a new account and had my slideshow completed in under 4 minutes. Granted, I only uploaded 2 photos but it was enough to get the idea.

The interface is fairly intuitive, along with the navigation. All the buttons are bright and shiny so it would be difficult to get lost. The site also allows you to customize the look and theme of your slideshows, from having tiny bubbling hearts drift by, to lightning forking up the sides of the photos.

Even more impressive are the re-sizing options, and the abiliity to embed the player in almost all social networking websites, like Myspace, Facebook,and more. You can also upload the photos directly from your photo albums on these other websites, or upload them from your computer, or even directly reference a photo anywhere online through the URL

What could be better?
Not much. The only glaring problem I saw was the interface lacked a few crucial buttons when viewed in Firefox. ( would do well to fix that shortly, as Firefox is the fastest growing browser in the world).

Lastly, I couldn’t find any privacy settings to set my photos as private only — though the option may just be hiding.

How much does it cost?
Free (sign up here)

Brave New Rating: 3.5 out of 5

[rate 3.5]

What do you think of Feel free to link to your travel slideshows in the comments.

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