It's Official Delurking Week

by Ian MacKenzie Jan 16, 2007

Yes, it’s true. According to a number of websites I frequent (such as Nerd’s Eye View and Cognitive Daily) it’s delurking week.

What’s a “lurker?”

Are you a lurker?I believe the term was first coined to describe visitors to discussion forums that read the posts, but never left a comment themselves. With the advent of blogs, this term was extended to blog readers who often visit but never leave a comment.

Sound familiar?

Now don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of reasons readers decide not to comment. It could be you’re shy. It could be you don’t feel you have anything to add to the post. Or it could be you’re just not inclined.

I’m guilty of lurking myself. I visit too many blogs to count, and I leave a comment perhaps 10% of the time. That’s actually an official statistic for any online space. I can’t remember where I read that exactly (probably Jakob Nielsen) — but it’s proven. Only 10% of visitors to a blog actually decide to leave a comment.

Well this is what delurking week is all about. If you’ve been hovering in the wings, enjoying Brave New Traveler, this is your moment to come out of the shadows and introduce yourself.

I’ll even provide a few questions you could answer, such as: How did you find Brave New Traveler? What’s your favourite article so far? What do you like about travel? Or you could ask me any question you like, and I’ll answer each one personally.

You could ask me why I started this magazine. You could ask me what’s my craziest travel story. Or you could ask me about the time in Australia where I donned a Santa hat and a speedo for a Christmas card home.

So go ahead. Say hello!

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