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Judges Announced For The 5 Hilarious Photos Contest!

by Ian MacKenzie Apr 16, 2007

We’re now in Week 2 of the 5 Hilarious Photos Contest, and the action is heating up. The word is spreading thanks to mentions in Gadling, Jaunted, Upgrade:Travel Better and other travel blogs around the web.

Thanks to the first few brave souls who have submitted their entries. (You can check them out by scrolling down and below the MyBlogLog widget on the right). If you’re still in need of inspiration, I included my own top 5 photos here.

But now onto the good stuff.

Who will be judging the competition?

I’m delighted to announce the following judges are confirmed onboard:

Kris Krug – Photographer, technologist and author based in Vancouver. I first met Kris at the Northern Voice pre-dinner a few months ago, and have since been in awe of his stellar photographic skill. Check out his website and Flickr sets to see what I mean.

Pam Mandel – Travel editor for the women’s blogging network, BlogHer and personal blogger/photographer over at Nerd’s Eye View, Pam is uniquely qualified to offer her judgment in the competition. Instead of scouring the web for the best travel conent, she’s now looking for the most hilarious.

Pia Taylor – Blogger at Pia is always looking for what’s new, useful and exciting for today’s backpacker, from upcoming events, travel tips, planning ideas and more.

Timen Swijtink – Blogger at Timen is an advocate of “experience traveling” and an avid photographer. He’s also the mastermind behind the recently unveiled Trusted Travel Blog Network, providing a seal of approval on all blogs that publish fair and trustworthy content.

Secret Celebrity Judge – And last, but not least, there will be one secret celebrity judge unveiled at the end of the week. Who could it be you ask? Guess you’ll have to wait and find out…

So if you’re sitting on your own top 5 hilarious travel photos, publish them already! The deadline is fast approaching: midnight on April 22.

Don’t forget to shoot me an email when it’s up. Good luck!

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