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by Ian MacKenzie Dec 16, 2006

Free Flash SlideshowWhat is it? allows you to create simple, elegant flash slideshows online and publish them to any website.

Who Makes It?
A guy named Geoffrey P. Gaudreault

Why should you use it?
I’ve been on a mission to find the best free Flash slideshow generator, and I think my search may have finally reached its end. is quite simply awesome. The entire software is web based, meaning you have nothing to download, and can quickly upload your photos in no time at all.

Powerful customization options allow you to add pans and zooms on your photos, apply a variety of transitions, alter the length each photo is displayed, and more. When you’re done, you have the option of publishing your slideshow in their community, or keeping it hidden and only copy + paste some code so it shows up on your website.

The photo movement is ultra-smooth, and the player is slick. Geoffrey was also kind enough of to create a free tool that let’s you convert your flash slideshows into movie files, in case you want to burn them to DVD and watch them on your TV.

What could be better?
Not much. The only feature that is a little confusing is when you want to add your own music. Currently, the software allows you to choose from approx 20 public domain music tracks (copyright free) but if you want to add your own music you have to download your slideshow and drop your own mp3 file into the folder, after labeling it soundtrack.mp3

Sound a bit confusing? Obviously, a much better solution would be to allow users to upload their music without downloading the file. I’m not sure, but I think plans are in the works to add this feature.

How much does it cost?
Free (sign up here) with an account upgrade option for re-sizing the player, adding more photos, and downloading your slideshow.

Brave New Rating: 5 out of 5

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What do you think of Check it out and post a link to your slideshow!

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