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Review: Annotate Your Travel Photos With FotoTagger

by Ian MacKenzie Oct 28, 2006

What is it?
Fototagger: An image annotation tool that let’s you place tags directly on your photos.

Who makes it?

Why should you use it?
Being able to place information tags directly on your travel photos is pretty cool, since it really allows other people to understand a photo better and at a deeper level. (see example)

For instance, adding guidebook information to landscapes, architecture, statues, and people. The info tags can be toggled on and off easily for those who want to examine the pure image without the tags.

With Fototagger you can also search your photos by their tags, in case you need to find them specifically, or group them together. You can post them directly to a few blogging platforms like Blogger and Livejournal, and it allows you to export your tags into your Flickr photo albums.

Since Fototagger is deskstop based, you have to download and install the program. The interface is fairly straightforward, and I was able to annotate a photo quickly and export it as an external webpage. The help menu is readily available should I have hit any problems.

What could be better?

The interface could benefit from a few minor tweaks with the toolbars that would allow them to sit a little more intuitively next to the photos instead of accessing from the top menu.

As well, the customization options for the tags could be improved. In the current version, it appears you can only change the colors of the text and not the style of font.

Lastly, since it’s a desktop program you can’t really use it on the road. Tagging your photos would have to wait until you get back from your trip, unless of course you have a laptop.

How much does it cost?

Free (download it here)

Brave New Rating: 3.5 out of 5

[rate 3.5]

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