Former Matador Writer Jason Rezaian Freed in Iranian Prisoner Exchange

by Matt Hershberger Jan 17, 2016

JASON REZAIAN, THE IRANIAN-AMERICAN journalist for the Washington Post who has been held as a political prisoner in Iran since summer of 2014, has been released in a historic prisoner swap between the US and Iran.

The swap is part of recent diplomatic efforts to diffuse the tensions between the two countries, and it comes on the heels of the recent Nuclear deal that ensures that Iran won’t develop the capacity to produce nuclear weapons. In return, economic sanctions have been lifted on Iran, and the country is going to be able to re-enter the global economy.

Rezaian was released along with four other American prisoners, in exchange for the release of 7 Iranian prisoners. He was arrested under charges of espionage that were largely seen as part of a greater political power struggle within Iran, and his offenses appeared to human rights organizations to be suspiciously similar to what the rest of the world simply refers to as “journalism.” Rezaian had been working as the Iran correspondent for the Washington Post, and had been a great advocate for Iran in his work. For a period of time before moving to the Post he served as the Iran expert here at the Matador Network.

We’re thrilled to see Jason released, and wish him and his family the best. Welcome home, Jason!

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