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From the Editor: Ch-Ch-Changes

by Julie Schwietert Mar 19, 2009

If you’re reading across the Matador Network today, you’ll notice a few changes.

First, we’ve got a snappy new design on all nine of our content blogs, thanks to the hard work of Ian MacKenzie, resident tech/design guru and editor of Brave New Traveler.

With the new design also comes a fresh model of content delivery: every day, you can expect to find more articles on each of the Matador blogs, ranging from quick takes written by our editorial team to feature length pieces that showcase some of the best writing online.

Here on MatadorChange, I’ll be bringing you stories about the world’s most interesting people, organizations, and initiatives that are engaged in inspiring, important work around the globe. I’ll also be giving you tangible tips for taking action to be the change you want to see in the world.

If you’d asked me as a kid what I wanted to do, my answer was always “Change the world.” And that’s been my answer throughout adulthood, too, though “changing the world” has taken lots of different guises. I’ve been a social worker and creative arts therapists, worked with ex-cons, drug users, AIDS patients, and schizophrenic adults. I’ve started a community art gallery and led kids on educational journeys around Puerto Rico.

And finally, I came on board as an editor with Matador, where every single day I’m inspired by the people we write about and YOU- the people who are part of this community.

I’m confident you’ll be inspired–and I’m hoping you’ll engage, too, both here on Matador and out in the world. If you have tips about stories you’d like to see here, drop me a line at And if you’d like to submit an article yourself, check out our contributor guidelines here.

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