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#MusicMonday: The Internet's Most Inspirational Music Videos

by Julie Schwietert Jan 25, 2010
The Matador team curates its favorite inspiring music videos for #MusicMonday.

What do an American Hasidic Jewish rapper and an African-American roots-hip-hop-funk-jazz-folk-rocker adopted and raised by Finnish American couple have in common?

An unshakable belief that music can and should inspire.

That and the fact that they’re both musicians who make our #MusicMonday list of the Internet’s most inspirational music videos.

Here are our favorites… who would you add?

1. Matisyahu: “One Day”, picked by BNT editor, Ian MacKenzie

“‘One Day’ is meant to be an anthem of hope. The song [is] a prayer for peace which Matisyahu hopes will be a source of inspiration for people struggling to open their hearts and stay positive.”

2. Michael Franti & Spearhead: “Hey World (Don’t Give Up)”, picked by BNT editor, Ian MacKenzie

“The music that Franti makes and his dedication to greater understanding on a global level, are not two aspects of his life, but very much one and the same.”

3. Playing for Change, Various Artists: “Stand by Me”, picked by Matador intern, Nancy Harder

Even if you burned out on this song years ago, you’ve gotta love the spirit of the musicians who contributed to this video, and the whole idea behind the Playing for Change project.

4. Wyclef Jean, “Hold On”, picked by MatadorChange editor, Julie Schwietert

Wyclef Jean’s musical message to quake survivors in his home country, Haiti.

5. Bjork, “Declare Independence”, picked by contributing editor, Paul Sullivan

It’s worth noting that one of Paul’s other selections was Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”. Um, Paul, what does *that* inspire?

Community Connection:

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