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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnia and Herzegovina has moved far past its war-torn image of the late 1990s, turning itself into one of Europe’s best destinations (one not quite teeming with tourists just yet).

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The capital city of Sarajevo – home to a complex, intriguing linguistic and political history – is as cosmopolitan a capital as you’ll find in Eastern Europe. And we’ve got Sarajevo’s best restaurants, bars, and attractions all in our travel guide to the city.

Outside the historic capital, skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina has become massively popular, drawing mostly European visitors from all over the region. It’s also full of hills and mountains that aren’t full of ski resorts, making it an ideal place for athletes (or just people who enjoy a good alpine hike). But mostly, this is a place to visit for its history — which, while not always peaceful, still left behind some storybook settings.


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