I want you to focus here. I know how easy it is to dream, to be distracted. There’s so much stuff to think about instead of being in a chronically-boring routine.

Have you ever been in love? I have a few times… with humans. But, there’s no one out there who can make me feel the way I feel about the World, the way I feel about traveling.

1. You think about it all the time.

You are totally obsessed. Your web history is basically a mix of Skyscanner searches, travel blogs, and Instagram inspiration. You have one goal: to get out there, to embrace it. You just want to shout out loud, “I’m going on an adventure!” There you are, dancing and jumping around. The World keeps you alive.

2. You can’t speak properly when it’s there.

You’ll go wherever you want. You’ll cross all language barriers. A smile always helps do the job. You might blush a little learning new words. And sometimes you get so deep into these unreal scenes you even forget how to say certain things in your own native language.

3. It annoys you, but you still love it.

You might get tired of it at some point. Airports, customs, night buses. They’re not the best parts, are they? Sometimes, you might even surprise yourself wishing your life could be different. You’ll get the blues. You’ll imagine what your life could be without it. But please, don’t freak out. You’ll come back to loving it again, always.

4. You’ll do everything to make it work.

If you need to work a year to save enough money, you’ll do it. If you need to convince your parents, your partner, or your dog, you’ll find a way. In fact, you’ll do it anyway. You are ready to compromise, to make sacrifices. This is simply too important. You can’t let it go.

5. In the morning, in the afternoon, or at night… It’s always good.

As soon as you’ll get an unexpected weekend off, you’ll look for a last minute deal. Who knows where you’ll end up next week? You are always willing to do it. There’s no sleepiness, headache, no wrong time to go.

6. You want to know everything about it.

You want to know every secret, every place, every scene, even the dark sides of it, even if it can be dangerous or challenging. You’re just too curious. You won’t give up.

7. You annoy your friends, but they won’t tell you.

Your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat is all travel-related. You don’t know about Monday blues; you don’t even know which day it is. You talk about it all the time.

8. You are planning the next date. And the next one.

When you notice a cool spot on Instagram, you wonder where it is. If you start looking at a map, you’re in trouble.

9. You plan your future together.

“Let’s be insane, World”, you think. As long as your passport is involved, you’ll be happy. You are a nomad and you will be until the very end.

10. Once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back.

You tried it. You loved it. You tasted it. You argued about it. You fought for it.
You heart is still in one piece.
You’re still in love.
Love it while it’s there.
Get out there.
Embrace it. Kiss it. Don’t be afraid and say yes!

This post first appeared on A Broken Backpack and is republished here with permission.