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42 Awesome and Creative Pinterest Boards

by Candice Walsh Jan 31, 2012
Just when you think you can’t handle any more social media…

I AM SHAMELESSLY addicted to Pinterest.

It brings out my more materialistic side, sure. Other than travel, I find myself drooling over book nooks and antique furniture and colourful works of art. But it’s given me more inspiration than any other social media platform I use.

For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is: basically, you create themed boards to which you pin images or videos you find beautiful, useful, or just plain awesome. A lot of boards are generic, focused on “Books Worth Reading” or “My Style.”

Travelers, photographers, designers, fashionistas. Some people take Pinterest to new heights of creativity, and I’ve been inspired by many to create a 365 Days of Wanderlust board for 2012.

And in the hours I’ve spent obsessing over these sick images, I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites. Go forth and be addicted!

Places and spaces

Abandoned Places and Things: I am a sucker for decrepit buildings and creepy deserted homes, and this board makes me want to pick up urban exploring full time.

Reflections: “Twice as nice” is the sub-heading, and this board features some snazzy reflection photography from around the globe.

Path Less Traveled: These are literally the paths we take, including winding roads, tall staircases, train tracks, and brick sidewalks.

For Geography Geeks: Maps and globes for people with those types of fetishes.

Homes of the World: Mud houses, wintry cabins, tree houses, etc. This board will make you wanna burn down your current abode.

say something unique: Travel photography AND artwork.

Favorite Restaurants in Tel Aviv: There’s nothing overly aesthetic about this board, but it’s an incredible example of how tourism folks can leverage Pinterest to sell a place. This board gives you enough information to keep you well fed in Tel Aviv for years.

Sunsets: If your day needs some brightening.

Cool Images: I saved my favourite for last — this board belonging to Iain Mallory has some of the coolest photos I’ve ever seen.

Science and technology

Otherworldly Visions: A collection of astronomy and astrophotography.

Envisioning and Technology Trends: A slick futuristic board with lots of videos and images predicting future tech trends, including a mirror that delivers the news, and a watch that functions like an iPod.

Tech Buzz: More gadgets from the future (probably closer than you think).

Science and Nature in Miniature: Each image comes with a detailed caption explaining all matters of the universe. Makes for some interesting reads.

Lifestyle and practicality

Photography Tips: Click through to the websites for these images and you’ll find photography tips for everything from Infrared to HDR.

RE-PURPOSE THINGS: Turn ordinary household items into something awesome…like plastic spoons into a hanging light.

Blogging Tips and Tricks: A crazily in-depth board with advice on everything from running your Facebook Page to dealing with criticism from outsiders. Click through the images to reach the referring articles.

Craftiness: There are actually a million and one craft boards out there, but this one brings out the craft geek in me. Did you know you can make a candle out of an orange? This can only go well.

Tutorials: A DIY design board for people with too much time on their hands. Like me.

Practical principals: More household goodness and solutions for your life, like how to replaced a cracked iPhone screen.

Good Idea: Where I learned how to use an empty ketchup bottle as a squeeze tube for pancakes.

Homeschool: A badass roundup of free homeschooling techniques and ideas.

Food and drink

Creative Food: Cookie dough truffles and cowboy caviar. Enough said.

I fucking LOVE me some tea: This chick is seriously passionate about tea.

Great Recipes: Sounds dull, but there’s a ton of variety and if you click through to the websites, you’ll find full recipes.

Buffet Table Decorations: For when you want to entertain your mooching friends and stuff.

Sweet Tooth.: Don’t view this board if you’re given to the kind of chocolate cravings that force you to eat a teaspoon of cocoa just because.

Hooked on the Brothers: Food focused on the Mario Brothers…this board is too good to overlook.

Books Galore

Book Covers: Another completely epic board featuring a ton of super old indie and vintage book covers. Be still, my bookworm heart.

Books: Simple title, but the book porn here is awesome.

Book Art and Bookbinding: Paper porn.


Five years from now: This is one user’s personal board to showcase what she wants to accomplish within the next five years, including “kiss under the northern lights” and “experience a white Christmas.”

Light and Delight: This one is just fun (and dreamy) to look at.

The Movie Poster: One of my favourites, featuring vintage and psychedelic movie posters from all eras. The Sleeping Beauty one needs to be on my bedroom wall.

Humor fingers: The best board I’ve found yet. Who knew fingers could have such amiable personalities?

I’m a 90’s kid..: Was sent on a nostalgia trip after being reminded of View-Masters, Lisa Frank, and slap bracelets.

Maybe It’s a Sign: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

Stay Gold: All things draped in gold.

…i love vintage treasures…: Haven’t you ever wanted a lime green fridge?

Pattern Play: This one is likely to make you dizzy.

Bathing Beauties: Vintage babes at the beach. It’s actually a lot cooler than it sounds.

Beach Bum & Nautical: For water lovers.

Old’i(e)s: Vintage and ancient decor ideas for the home.

Are we missing any super Pinterest boards? Share them! And then be seduced by Matador’s own boards of major streamrollage.

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