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Is Your Office Ready for Post-It Warfare?

by Anne Merritt Sep 29, 2011
In Paris, even the office pranks are arty.

It started just east of Paris in Montreuil office park, where video game company Ubisoft made a space invader Post-it mosaic on their office window. The folks at BNP-Paribas bank, whose offices face Unisoft, struck back with a bigger, badder Post-it creation.

Thus, the war began.

It has spread to business areas around Paris, to small offices, shops, and restaurants. The Post-it installations range from simple flowers to 3-storey creations, and have replicated the high-brow (Mona Lisa) and the pop culture (Angry Birds).

The artier pieces, such as a Sistine Chapel in neon pink and green, are straight-up incredible. Still, the simple, geek-gamer images seem most popular. I love how the Post-its’ boxy, pixilated look makes old-school video game characters like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog appear just as we saw them as kids.

Post-it art has cropped up on office buildings throughout France. It has even spread to other parts of Europe, with sightings in Germany and Austria. The movement’s site,, is urging folks to “declare war on your neighbours, and come post your trophies.”

It makes me wish Matador had a physical office somewhere. One with a big big window.

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