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Why There's No Better Friend Than a Texan

by Turner Wright Jan 13, 2017

The origin of the name Texas is a little obscure, but most locals stand behind the etymology from the Caddo word taysha, meaning “friend”, changed to “Tejas” by the Spanish and eventually Texas, the name we know and love. Because Texas was literally built on friendship — representatives of different parts of the country came together to defend the Alamo – no state better embodies this concept, and there’s no one better to have at your side through thick and thin than a tried and true Texan.

1. We can party like no one else.

You’re feeling down because your girlfriend left you and the only cure is eight shots of nasty tequila? Line ‘em up; we’ve got your back. We’ll dance with you through the night until your spirits are up.

2. We will fight for you.

…likely after drinking too much with you. We’re not necessarily the most efficient fighters, but many of us believe we can do roundhouse kicks to the head. It’s the thought that counts?

3. We have this crazy energy.

Texans can get riled up on a dime, which is part and partial with the reason some of us have guns. If you listen carefully on a Sunday, you’ll hear a chorus of moans and cheers during the football game. Being our friend means you can feed off our enthusiasm.

4. We’re all foodies at heart.

Who doesn’t need a friend knowledgeable about the best comfort food at the best time? We’re a state filled with the best steak, BBQ, kolaches and Tex-Mex the world has yet to match.

5. We know how to appreciate the moment.

Whether you’re staring up at the stars on the blackest night or taking some time to smell the bluebonnets on the side of the road, a Texan can teach you how to appreciate the little things in life. Now sit on your porch, crack open a six-pack, and watch the kids catch some fireflies.

6. We make everything sound better with a metaphor.

Why else do you think Texas is so highly represented in movies around the world? Our style of speech is smooth and folksy, making you feel comfortable and like you’ve learned something new. We could talk the legs off a chair.

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