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18 Signs You Learned to Drink in Pittsburgh

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by Amanda Meyers Apr 29, 2015

1. You are used to leaving Steelers games with at least three different types of beer splattered on your clothing.

2. You have shared a shot-ski with friends at the Hofbrauhaus.

3. You are shocked when Yuengling is sold for more than $1.50 when you visit other cities.

4. You go to PNC Park more for the craft beer than to watch the Pirates.

5. You have spent many a summer night sitting outside Church Brew Works and sipping on a pint of Celestial Gold.

6. Your wildest nights always start (or end..) on East Carson Street.

7. The Beerhive is your go-to for Steelers games because of the $1 craft beers.

8. You’ve made a fool of yourself during open mic night at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern.

9. You grew up on IC Light.

10. Your favorite week of the year Pittsburgh’s Craft Beer Week in April.

11. Because Pittsburgh is such an amazing sports city, it makes you sad to think about other cities not caring as much. And also no one else tailgates year round…? What’s up with that?

12. You knew the backstreets of Lawrenceville and Bloomfield before they were the next big thing.

13. You assume every city has an area like the Southside — where there are so many bars you couldn’t possibly get to all of them in one weekend.

14. The best place on Butler Street is obviously Tamari’s — outdoor seating, tapas, wine, duh.

15. You’ve stayed the night in Station Square after getting off the Gateway Clipper and realizing your sea legs are going nowhere fast.

16. After a busy night in the Strip, Sunday mornings are for Pamela’s Diner pancakes.

17. ShuBrew might be your favorite local brewpub.

18. You always buy early admission tickets to Pittsburgh Beerfest because, you know, unlimited samplings.

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