Pre-screened for weirdness. The friend, that is, not the beer.

HOT ON THE TAIL of Iceland’s Prime Minister offering to make pancakes for visitors is the opportunity to grab a beer in Dublin with an “ambassador,” an actual Dubliner who has offered to take you out for a free pint and get you acquainted with the ins and outs of Dublin life.

If you are intending on visiting the city and fancy a delicious beverage, you can hook up with a local via the city of a thousand welcomes website and they will put you in touch with one of their volunteer local ambassadors. And before you ask, they are legit, and have been arranging meetups for a couple of months already. As a matter of fact, the City of Dublin is one of the sponsors of the initiative, and will be picking up your tab.

So if you’re passing through and feel like getting an introduction to the city — or, y’know, you like beer — it might well be worth getting in touch. Have you met up with a Dublin ambassador? Was the beer delicious? We’d love to know.