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40 Things You'll Never Hear Someone From Aberdeen Say

by Ailsa Ross Jul 20, 2015

1. ‘Union Square is just so serene.’
2. ‘Nope. Don’t know anyone who’s been to Dubai before.’
3. ‘Butteries? Gads, min.’
4. ‘Ceilidhs are the worst.’
5. ‘My rent is almost too cheap.’
6. ‘It’s so nice that you don’t have to to work in oil to be able to afford to live here.’
7. ‘I don’t know anyone who’s been let go from their job in the past year.’
8. ‘And then they said, “We’re making so much money right now that we’re going to give you a raise!”’
9. ‘A dinna like spikkin Doric.’

10. ‘I have no opinion about Aberdeen’s councillors.’
11. ‘I just wish one restaurant would put fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding on their menu. Is that so much to ask?’
12. ‘Argh, my eyes! So many hipsters!’
13. ‘Our local strawberries have no flavour.’
14. ‘Donald Trump? Why what a lovely man!’
15. ‘I bloody love Dyce. I like to call it ‘Little Paris’.’
16. ‘There’s seals at Newburgh beach?!’
17. ‘Aberdeen’s seagulls are so cute and tiny.’
18. ‘The old Amadeus isn’t a waste of a sea view at all.’
19. ‘I miss Tiger Tiger.’
20. ‘Go to the casino for a 3am fry up? No chance.’
21. ‘I love waking up to the sound of seagulls at 4am.’
22. ‘Actually, it’s always been my dream to live in Fraserburgh.’
23. ‘I hated Satrosphere when I was little.’

24. ‘English kids were never picked on in my primary school.’
25. ‘Stovies are just nae for me.’
26. ‘This city’s so great for cyclists.’
27. ‘Aberdeenshire needs more castles.’
28. ‘I mean, Aberdeen’s stunning. But the countryside? Pish.’
29. ‘John Deere? Never heard of him.’
30. ‘What does ‘will you trap my mate’ mean?’
31. ‘Union Street gets more vibrant each year.’
32. ‘Actually, we just cancelled our holidays abroad. It’s so sunny here that we thought, why go away?’
33. ‘The Dons? Fit’s at?’
34. ‘I have no opinion about Alex Salmond.’
35. ‘Bennachie’s too much of a climb for me.’
36. ‘Where are all these wind turbines everyone’s talking about?’
37. ‘My favourite thing about all these new builds is that you can tell the architect’s really concentrated on making each house look unique.’
38. ‘Sheep shagger? Thanks for the compliment!’
39. ‘The sea’s so toasty today.’
40. ’I wish I lived in Dundee.’

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