Have You Checked Out the New Traveler's Notebook?

by David Miller Mar 23, 2008

Ruta 40. Patagonia. Photo by Robert Paetz

Check out the new look, features, and network at the Traveler’s Notebook.

–Updated 7-8-2008


Many of our readers keep up with articles at the Notebook via RSS subscription and so haven’t visited the actual site in quite a while. If you haven’t, check it out. We have a beautiful new theme crafted by Karen Mackenzie.

On a side note, huge thanks go to Arun Kale. Up until now we’ve based the Notebook on his fantastic magazine-style theme for WordPress, The Morning After. Props also go to Christina Lannen for the wonderful work she did customizing the theme.

New Features

Take a moment to explore the new home page. You’ll find updated Contributors’ Guidelines. Whether you’re already a regular contributor or if you’re just thinking about pitching us a story, it’s worth a look.

We also have a newly formatted Subscription page. We’re asking subscribers of our old feed to please switch over to our new feed here.

The Matador Blog Network

The revamp of the Traveler’s Notebook comes in conjunction with the launch of our new Matador Blog Network. In the navigation bar below the header, you’ll find several tabs. “Trip Ideas” will take you to our new site, Matador Trips, which offer stories that “start where the guidebooks end, and lead you straight to powder stashes, secret beaches and sacred mountain peaks.”

A second tab, “Spirit,” takes you to Brave New Traveler, which has been consistently publishing some of the most thought-provoking travel essays and info since 2006.

Finally, the tab “Community” takes you to our home site, Matador, where you can join one of the most vibrant communities of travelers and bloggers in the world today.

We hope you continue enjoying the Traveler’s Notebook, and look forward to hearing from you.

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