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30 Things People From Buffalo Never Say

Buffalo Student Work
by Brian Lewis Aug 4, 2015

1. It was standing room only on the Metro Rail today.

2. I don’t know what you guys are talking about…I think the Fuccillo commercials are cinematic masterpieces.

3. Canadian Ballet? Sounds sophisticated. Is it a good place for a first date?

4. I had the most collegial conversation with a gentleman in a Dolphins jersey at Sunday’s game.

5. Is Mighty Taco any good? I’ve never been.

6. Let’s give Scott Norwood a key to the city.

7. I’d like to order some Buffalo chicken wings.

8. For Sale: Snowblower, 3 years old, never used.

9. Are you crazy? I love the 33!

10. Help me trim this palm tree, it’s blocking my view of the sun.

11. This architecture is so boring and plain; it reminds me of Soviet Russia.

12. Pass me that can of soda.

13. Bill Belichick seems like a real stand-up guy.

14. There was a fight on Chippewa? Usually people are so well-behaved.

15. I don’t think you should put blue cheese on that.

16. Man this road is smooth…not a pothole for miles!

17. What’s the point of tailgating?

18. Terry Pegula? Never heard of him.

19. You’re looking for a Tim Horton’s? Sorry, I can’t think of one nearby.

20. The Goo Goo Dolls? What are those, Barbie knock offs?

21. Now that I look at it again, that lateral was backwards.

22. No, I have no preference where we order pizza from…they all taste the same to me.

23. Brett Hull for mayor!

24. These property taxes certainly are reasonable and fair.

25. Don Paul says we might get a few inches…we should stay in tonight.

26. Yeah, maybe Toronto would be a better home for the Bills.

27. Let’s swim in the Buffalo River.

28. No, you’re right. Cleveland and Pittsburgh are much better places to live.

29. I sailed right through the border on the Peace Bridge with no delay.

30. Tell me another joke about snow. They’re all so original.

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