5 Matador Members to Meet Right Now: The WWOOFers Edition

by Julie Schwietert Jul 5, 2010
Yep, it’s a funny acronym.

WWOOFing stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, and it’s a strong network of farmers around the world who host travelers in their homes in exchange for farm work.

Here are 5 Matador members with WWOOFing experience.

1. Rebecca Kinsella

Rebecca, a MatadorU alumna, has written articles about WWOOFing in Ireland and Australia for Matador Change. All of her information is based on first-hand experience as a WWOOFer in these countries.

2. Dona Francis

Dona, also a MatadorU grad, has written about WWOOFing in Thailand for Matador Change. For her, WWOOFing is just part of her larger commitment to sustainable living. Check out her article, Unplugging the Fridge, for more insight into her low-impact life.

3. SweetPotato

This 25 year old Matador member is from the city, but “forsook it for the country,” where she practices all sorts of home and farm arts. She and her partner are planning a WWOOFing trip through Spain, France, Italy, the Alps, The Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands and, hopefully, Ireland.

4. Merrilee Frable

Merrilee is fired up on “environmental preservation, local and sustainable food, human rights, vegan cooking.” No surprise, then, that she’s studying environmental science and politics at NYU. This summer she plans to WWOOF in Costa Rica.

5. Blackpacker

Blackpacker estimates he has 15,000-20,000 miles on his feet; he walks everywhere. In addition to seeing the world by walking, he’s fired up on “permaculture and how various communities and countries feed themselves and attempt to live in harmony with nature.” He and his fiance are considering WWOOFing in Australia and/or New Zealand.

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Want to learn more about WWOOFing? Read A First-Timer’s Guide to WWOOFing for the basics. Then, if you’re interested in WWOOFing yourself, read 4 Questions to Ask Before WWOOFing.

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