5 Matadorians to Meet Right Now: The Couples Edition

by Julie Schwietert Mar 29, 2010

Photo: Matador members, New Nomads

Dig deep into the Matador community, and you’ll find all kinds of interesting folks: filmmakers and photographers, deep-sea divers and extreme sports enthusiasts, expats and entrepreneurs.

Lots of our members go out into the world solo, leaving everything and everyone behind.

Others go out in pairs, having found a partner as passionate about travel as they are.

Here are five couples making a life together on the road:


The female half of NewNomads says:

“I love traveling with my best friend – my husband. We are on the road about 80% of the time and hope to increase that this year to 90%…. We can go from the Hilton Arc du Triomphe to sleeping in the back of our old van at a fishing pier and be just as thrilled. We can go from convenience store burritos at dawn in Arches National Park to a four star restaurant in Washington DC and have a great time either way.”

Robert Kittilson and Jessie Kwak

Robert, a writer and photographer, and Jessie, a writer, have slow traveled their way through Peru and contributed an article to Matador on which they collaborated, “On the Trail of Ruins in Northern Peru.”

Photo: Matador members, Robert Kittilson and Jessie Kwak

Robert writes, “I am a photographer traveling with my wife Jessie who is a writer. I love having a blast, and sometimes that means real fireworks.”

Deb & Dave, aka ThePlanetD

Together for 18 years, Deb and Dave–“Canada’s Adventure Couple”– seem to have perfected the art of traveling as a pair. They’ve cycled around Africa and their next stop is Asia. Like Robert and Jessie, Deb and Dave collaborate professionally–Deb is a writer and Dave is a photographer. Check out their blog, ThePlanetd and follow them on Twitter.


Featured recently on MatadorLife, this couple describes themselves as “two gen-X technomads – synthesizing technology in with our full-time traveling.” They’re currently roaming the U.S., with long term sights set on doing “extended sailing and global backpacking.”


GeordieP writes:

“My boyfriend and I have been travelling around Oz for a couple of years and are now planning to head back to our beautiful hometown in NSW to start a family and make a home. I love travelling with a passion, though I am now ready to hang up my hiking boots and travel vicariously through websites like this for a while. Looking forward to creating everyday adventures at home.”

Community Connection:

Not sure if you’re ready to take your love on the road? Read “Traveling Solo: How to Tell Your Partner You Want to Travel… Alone” for some tips on leaving your other half behind when it’s time for you to pack your bags.

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