7 Things Americans Abroad Can Do for Obama

by Julie Schwietert Sep 15, 2008

Obama supporters abroad, unite!

Just because you’re living or traveling abroad doesn’t mean that you can’t contribute to Obama’s campaign.

Here are seven tangible actions you can take for Obama:

1. Get your absentee ballot NOW! Just because you’re abroad doesn’t mean you give up your right and responsibility to vote. Here’s all the informaiton you need to obtain your absentee ballot.

2. Get informed about Obama’s policy platform. Obama’s “Blueprint for Change” is no dry policy document; it’s actually a good read, and you can download the whole thing here for free. But if you’d rather just hit the highlights, check out the issue-by-issue bullet points here.

3. Share your expertise. As an American living or traveling abroad, you have a unique perspective about the needs and interests of people in other countries. The Obama campaign knows this:

“Americans abroad are uniquely aware of the impact that our government’s policies have on the rest of the world, and recognize that it’s time for America to be seen as a global leader once more”

Share your expertise by blogging about your experiences, informing voters about why the current election matters as much abroad as it does at home.

Share your thoughts on the Obama blog or set up a Matador profile and start blogging right here!

4. Join an Americans Abroad group. Lots of other expats and long-term travelers are politically active and engaged and are just waiting to welcome you into an Americans Abroad chapter. Find one near you and celebrate the strength in numbers!

5. Get other friends to join, too. Once you’ve joined an Americans Abroad group, let your other expat friends know about the opportunity and encourage them to join, too.

6. Change the conversation. Americans living and traveling abroad are often asked why our country voted for Bush. While it’s a legitimate question, a more constructive one is: “What will four years of Obama look like for the US and the world?” When asked questions about the election, use the opportunity to engage foreign friends and acquaintances in a mutually satisfying conversation. What do they think the election will mean for them, and who would they vote for?

7. Celebrate hope and change! Election day is really just around the corner… start planning an election night party now. Need some inspiration? Check out “10 Best Places to be on Election Night.”

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