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American Women Who Want to Move to Canada if Trump Wins May Want to Read This First

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by Carlo Alcos Mar 8, 2016

AS A CANADIAN — and with it being International Women’s Day — it makes me sad to see a news report from the CBC that the wage gap between men and women not only still exists, but has grown in Canada over the past several years. According to the article, a report from Oxfam Canada and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has found that women today are earning around 72% of what men earn doing similar work. Seven years ago that number was 74.4% then dropped to 73.6% in 2010 and again to 72% in 2011 where it remains today.

The report states that: “The gap in men’s and women’s incomes is not simply the result of women working fewer hours…nor is it the result of different levels of education and experience. Even when all of these factors are considered, the result remains the same: a wage gap.” One factor resulting in the discrepancy is that women are “disproportionately represented in lower-paying industries.”

This piece in the Atlantic reports that in the US women on average earn almost 80% of what men do in 2015. Just something to think about if you’re packing up your house to move north should Trump become president.

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