Contest Alert: Win a Trip to Australia

by Julie Schwietert Jul 13, 2009

Photo: aloha73

Bring on the contest! Bring on the van!

As if we didn’t already think they were cool enough— you HAVE applied for their Antarctica photography contest, right?–our travel buddies at World Nomad have us swooning with another dream contest.

They seem to have a certain affection for “As”– this one will find the winners in Australia.

It’s a country so big, so wild, and so beautiful it’s its own continent.

And even if you live there, you haven’t possibly seen it all.

That’s why World Nomads wants to hand you the keys to their van.

Here’s the deal:

World Nomads Van-Tastic contest will award seven pairs of travelers–one for each state–a round trip flight to/from Australia, keys to a camper van, $1,000 in “petrol” (that’s gas to those of you in the US), and six weeks with a digital video camera and laptop.

You’ll be charged with the task of documenting your trip– and if voters like your documentary the best, then you could win again, this time $10,000 and two Virgin Blue domestic flights. Not too shabby.

So get on over to World Nomads and get your application ready!

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