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Finally, a Scholarship for Travel Podcasters!

by Julie Schwietert Jan 25, 2009

There are scholarships for travel writers.

There are scholarships for travel photographers.

And finally, thanks in part to Matador member Craig Martin, there’s a scholarship for travel podcasters!

Craig, host of Indie Travel Podcast, has partnered with World Nomads and Global Vision International to offer emerging podcasters the opportunity to travel to Guatemala… for free.

While the ultimate goal of the scholarship is to help the winner develop podcasting skills that will result in the production and launch of a five minute podcast documentary, the scholarship is especially sweet because it will offer the winner the opportunity to participate in a community building project on the ground in Guatemala.

The winning applicant will have airfare, vaccinations, visas, a homestay, and meals covered. Bonus goodies include a handheld digital recorder the winner will be able to keep after the trip, as well as mentoring from ABC Australia’s Tim Latham, a radio journalist.

For full details of the scholarship and instructions for applying, visit this site.

And kudos to Craig for living the Matador vision: using travel as a means of building community. That’s what it’s all about.

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