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Five New Matadorians to Meet Right Now: February 11 Edition

by Julie Schwietert Feb 11, 2010
Every week, hundreds of people from around the world join the Matador community.

This week’s crew are all cubicle-avoidant.

1. Hop and Jaunt

Hop and Jaunt, otherwise known as Aly and John, “are a couple of twenty-something designers who have decided to step away from the routine of 9 to 5 life and venture out to new horizons. We have started our own design agency, create cool t-shirts, and travel the world writing our blog.” First stop on the journey? Colombia or Argentina.

2. Core Reality

Core Reality is a “musician, turned lawyer, turned back into musician/photographer/author. After realizing I was miserable in an office setting, I left it behind and set about driving back and forth across the country, meeting people and collecting their stories.” Visiting national parks are among his immediate travel plans.

3. SweeneySays

21 year old SweeneySays will be graduating in just a few months. Here’s what she has to say about her job prospects:

The economy has gone to shit and everyone I know is in a panic over what they’re going to do with their lives. Personally, I think this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. For the first time in my life I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen next. It’s amazing. This probably says more about me than any extended list of facts ever could. The fact that I will travel is the only certainty I have right now, and I am on good terms with that fact.

4. marta@atravelroundtheworld

marta@atravelroundtheworld quit her 9-to-5 in London and is headed to Italy.

5. Karla J

Karla J writes that she’s “working up the nerve to leave my desk behind and start what I’m pretty sure is actually living, and then write about it.”

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