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by Julie Schwietert Mar 26, 2010
If you’ve spent more than a few minutes browsing through Matador’s sites, you know why I say that Matador’s so much more than a magazine.

Matador really is a community, and one of the places where you can see what I mean is in our travel forums.

Maybe you’re not familiar with the forums–they’re a little bit buried within the site–but hundreds of travelers use the forums to ask for advice, seek inspiration, to look for travel partners or a place to stay, or to confirm information about local transportation, food, or lodging.

Here’s a sampling of recent requests… can you help a Matador member out by responding?

Buying a Big-Ass American RV to Travel the World… Who’s In?

Tayerhughes writes:

“I’m thinking of buying a big ass American RV to travel around the world in! I have no idea how or when etc but I thought I would see what kind of response I get when I post the idea. I’m looking for probably 7 people to join the team. I have no plans at the moment, I’m just looking to find people that are interested.”

Tayer- Once you’ve got some takers, be sure to check out Matador contributor Misty Tosh’s guide to renovating an old travel trailer.

“I want to hitchhike around the U.S. Anyone want to go with me?”

Jackiehaze says:

“I’d really like to hitch hike around the US this summer. Perhaps fall. I’d prefer a woman. I think it’d be cool to document it. And since the only requirement I personally have is to stay clean, it will probably take some planning finding state parks and places to shower.”

Jackie, if you do find some travel partners, be sure to read Tim Patterson’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hitchhiking before you hit the road.

A New Yorker inspired by Matadorians’ travels asks for advice from SE Asia experts

TheDaysRjustPacked asks for help planning a SE Asia trip:

“I have been talking about this trip for over 2 years now and here I am planning for it officially with my ticket purchased.

This trip is going to be different for me on so many levels since I have never traveled alone before…. [I leave] on April 13th and plan on returning May 1st.

To start my trip I have a lay over in Seoul, Korea for a nice 14 hrs…. My plan is to leave the airport and see what Korea has to offer for a few hours maybe get some Kalbi. I love Korean BBQ. Does anyone have any pointers on what I can do in Seoul for about 8 hours?

Now on to Thailand… I will be in Bangkok for what I believe to be the second night of Songkran and I plan to stay around for 2 days before heading north so I can cross into Laos. I have been reading Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai then somehow to Laos is the way to go about it. I feel like I’m strapped for time and I want to enjoy as much as I can with the time I have but also enjoying things as well.

After going to Laos I wanted to go to Cambodia but I don’t know if I should go from Laos straight to Cambodia or go back through Thailand. That part I am hoping you travelers of S.E.A can help me with as well. From Cambodia I want to fly or boat it back to Southern section of Thailand. On the 28th I would like to just experience the full moon party. I would also love to go Scuba diving (I have never been) so I have been looking to that as well.

I will appreciate any info that you guys have to offer. Fill in any blanks that I may not have touched upon. You have no idea how many times I thought of taking someone along because I didn’t feel I would be able to do this trip solo but through this site and many others I have realized that I am ready to do the trip the way I have always wanted to do it: with a backpack, few clothes, a camera and a wide open mind.”

While you’re waiting for advice, be sure to check out Matador’s focus page on Southeast Asia.

Colombian weather in October?

Jesse Meshkov asks:

“I’ve read that October is the rainy season, but does that mean that it’s raining constantly, or that there are showers for an hour or two each day? Any insight would be really helpful. Thanks!”

All of Matador’s articles about Colombia are archived on the Colombia Focus Page.

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