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Last Day to Win MatadorU Tuition From Passports With Purpose

by Julie Schwietert Dec 21, 2009
What are you waiting for? You’ve only got a few hours left to win MatadorU tuition from Passports with Purpose!

Today’s the last day to make your donation to Passports with Purpose, the travel blogger-organized raffle that’s raising funds to build a school in Cambodia.

As we announced a couple weeks ago, Matador donated one spot in MatadorU’s travel writing course as a Passports with Purpose prize. For just $10 USD, you can select MatadorU tuition as the prize you’d like to receive if you’re picked as a winner.

Full details are on Passports with Purpose’s website, but hurry! You only have a few more hours to make your donation and get in the running; the fundraiser ends tonight at 11:59PM PST.

Winners will be notified on January 5, 2010, and we’ll feature the winner of our prize here on Pulse.

Community Connection:

Passports with Purpose isn’t the only chance to win free tuition to MatadorU! Gadling is also giving away a spot in our travel writing school, and their contest closes today, too. The contest closes at 5:00 PM EST. Full details are here.

If you miss both of these opportunities, drop your family member or loved one a hint that you’d like the gift of the MatadorU travel writing course this holiday. Learn how in this article: Give the Gift of Matador This Holiday.

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