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Matador Community Spotlight: Members on the Web, Part 2

by Julie Schwietert Jul 10, 2008

In the first part of our occasional series spotlighting the interests and projects of Matador members, we introduced you to 7 people living, traveling, and realizing amazing projects all over the globe.

The piece was so popular, we’re back with round 2. Meet:

Craig Martin:

You may know him as the IndieTravelPodcast guy and Matador’s #1 podcaster. But did you also know that Craig has been living on the road full-time since 2006 with no fixed address? His most recent Matador article was “Everything You Need to Know About Traveling with a Eurail Pass.” If you need insider info. on a European destination, Craig’s website is sure to provide you with some useful tips.

N. Chrystine Olson:

Chrystine describes herself as a “geographical mutt,” which only serves to stoke her insatiable curiosity about almost everywhere! She’s wrangled rhinos in in Africa, tagged kangaroos in Australia, and rebuilt sailboats in Baja. In addition to contributing frequently to Matador–check out her latest piece, a road trip guide to Idaho’s panhandle–she also writes for Everywhere Magazine.

Stephen Orchard:

One of Matador’s consistently creative and funny writers, Stephen has written about everything from the five worst travel gadgets to surfing in Croyde Bay. He also has some pretty great photos in his online portfolio.

Michaela Lola:

Born in the Philippines, Michaela currently calls Berlin home. Her candid blogs are funny snapshots of expat life, and her articles always tackle tough, travel-relevant issues. On her personal website, she brings all of these interests together under a single cyber roof, adding her vivid photos for a complete travel writer’s portfolio. Check out her thoughtful blog, The Second Leap.

Stay tuned! Installation 3 is coming up next week, introducing you to some of Matador’s newest members! And if you haven’t already sent us your website, what are you waiting for? Drop us a line, won’t you?

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