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Matador Editor & U Student Win Grantourismo Competition

by Julie Schwietert Apr 1, 2010
A few weeks back, we announced the first writing competition sponsored by Grantourismo.

Many Matador members submitted an entry in the first Grantourismo contest, including Lola Akinmade, Heather Carreiro, Tom Gates, Simone Gorrindo, and Sarah Menkedick.

The prompt was to write about a neighborhood and the people who live in it, “the idea being to inspire people to get out of the tourist zone and off the beaten track, to get an insight into everyday life, and to interact with locals.”

Two Matador members took first and second place in the competition. MatadorU student Lisa Bergren won first place for her entry, “View on a Venetian Neighborhood.” Matador Trips co-editor Carlo Alcos was awarded second place for “It beats watching TV,” an account of one of many experiences with locals during his recent cycling trip in Cuba.

Grantourismo plans to host several more writing competitions, so be sure to follow their blog and add them to your Twitter feed so you can be updated about future contests.

Congratulations to our winners!

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