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Matt Kepnes Announces Costa Rica Trip Contest

by Julie Schwietert Jan 7, 2010

Ziplining is just one activity you can enjoy in Costa Rica. Photo: Carlos Luna

Matt Kepnes teams up with Gap Adventures to give away a two week trip to Costa Rica!

Everyone at Matador remembers his or her first travel abroad experience.

For Matt Kepnes, that memory involves a 2003 trip to Costa Rica with the company Gap Adventures. That trip stoked Matt’s passion for travel, and he wants to inspire someone else to hit the road.

To that end, Matt has teamed up with Gap to give away a two-week trip to Costa Rica for someone willing to be bitten by the travel bug.

You can enter the contest between now and February 14 for your chance to win the trip. You’ll need to submit a video or blog post detailing why you want to win and what you’d hope to get out of the trip. You’ll also need to confirm that you’re willing to blog and use social media during the trip to share your adventures with others.

Read the full contest details on Matt’s blog… and good luck!

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