Meet a Matador Team Member: Andy Hayes

by Julie Schwietert Nov 27, 2009

Matador’s Twitter Ninja, Andy Hayes

Do you know the names behind Matador’s blogs? In this new series, we’ll introduce you to the people who keep the Matador machine humming.

Andy Hayes knows that building relationships isn’t just about numbers. It’s about starting and keeping up a conversation.


Andy Hayes

Role at Matador:

Twitter Ninja and Social Media Outreach. Behind the wheels at @MatadorNetwork

How You Found Matador:

When I started in travel writing in 2007, I asked around for what were the highest quality travel content sites on the web. Matador seemed to keep coming up regularly, and I liked what I saw. It’s been in my RSS reader ever since.

How You Got Brought on Board as a Team Member:

As I mentioned in my review of MatadorU, (we have a travel writing program, did you hear?) I was working on a piece with Julie Schwietert before the most recent re-structure of the team and blog structure. They didn’t want my article anymore. Instead of throwing a tantrum at all the time lost, I just sent a replying saying “sorry to hear it” type thing and that I’d be interested if anything else came up that might fit.

Because I wasn’t a jerk about it, Julie actually recommended me for the Twitter Ninja role. And nearly 9,000 followers later….

Where Do You Live:

Edinburgh, Scotland

Your Next Trip:

I wish I knew. I’ll definitely be spending some time in the US as I am attending South By South West, so hoping to check out New Orleans and visit a dear friend in Los Angeles. In between I hope to make a stop in Southeast Asia, but I’m still trying to find a good deal. :-)

What You Do When You’re Not Working on Matador Stuff:

I can’t tell you how many people are worried that I never spend any time away from Twitter. (It is a dangerous problem, I do admit. )

But I have two key businesses that keep me very, very busy. Like, a little crazy-what-the-hell busy:

Travel Online Partners – a resource for small businesses in travel and tourism to get help with online technology. We help these small companies make BIG ideas happen. Isn’t that cool?

Sharing Travel Experiences – formerly my travel solo travel blog which has exploded into a whole multi-author website full of travel goodness, like our travel concierge. Way cool, but not quite as cool as Matador. But close.

A Favorite Travel Memory:

My favourite has to be New Zealand. Always. I spent nearly a month on the South Island and it was absolute bliss. I started with the Abel Tasman National Park coastal trail and spent days rarely seeing a human.

If you need some digital detox, that’s where you should head. But the quirky fun of Queenstown, the breathtaking scenery of Fjordland, the glaciers of Fox Village, and the glowing waters and stars at night in Lake Tekapo. I could go on all day….

Oh, wait – did I tell you about my not-so-secret love affair with Melbourne…?

Community Connection:

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