Meet, Plan, Go! Event in Austin, Texas on Sept. 14

by Julie Schwietert Aug 22, 2010

If you happen to be near Austin, Texas in mid-September, it might be worth swinging by the Six Lounge for an event called Meet, Plan, Go!, which is aimed at folks who are interested in taking a career break in order to travel. The get-together is scheduled for September 14.

Here’s the overview from the press release:

Meet, Plan, Go! is a chance to crank up your career break inspiration. Hear from a panel who will answer your questions and dispense sage advice: travelers who have taken career breaks, financial gurus who can help you save money for your trip, and travel planning experts to show you how it’s done. In addition, there will be lots of informal mingling with local travelers of every type — 20somethings, older-than-20somethings, couples, singles, backpackers, road warriors, travelers with kids, photographers, videographers — to share their experiences, tips, and tricks.

And if that weren’t enough; we have great sponsors giving away travel prizes! You’ll have the chance to win a free trip to Peru from Gap Adventures, or a free volunteer abroad trip with GeoVisions, along with a number of other great giveaways.

You can see who will be on the panel and register for the event directly on the MPG website.

If you can’t make it to the MPG event, Matador has plenty of articles with advice and inspiration for people looking to make a career break or to work while traveling. Check out our Travel Jobs Focus Page.

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