New Whitewater Videos From the Shasta Boyz

by David Miller Apr 22, 2011

Here’s a recent update from Matador Athlete Shon Bollock:

Slate creek is one of the most fun runs in northern California. It is short but filled with lots of quality rapids and minimal portaging if any. It is also a perfect run if you live in the Siskiyou/Shasta county area since its pretty easy access and a good training ground while here at home in Mt. Shasta. It gets better and better with more flow, when it gets above 1.5 ft on the gauge there are some solid holes that will rock your world. The flows that we have been seeing it at this early spring are right around 9in.-1ft on the gauge but a little rain is all it takes. Enjoy this little edit of a couple different laps down Slate a few weeks ago.

Slate Creek, CA 2011 from Shon Bollock on Vimeo.

Just north of Slate about 10 mins is Mears Creek. Since they are so close it is pretty easy to get in a Slate lap and Mears lap if motivated or even double laps. I have shown a lot of footage of the Tunnel of Love section which flows right under I-5 and then into the Sacramento. This video (completely shot on the Go Pro HD Hero) shows the section above the Tunnel of Love. The access is a little more sketchy for the upper section as all the banks along Mears are private but with minmal portaging and respect when encountered by landowners, you are good to go. This creek also gets waaayyyyy better when its high but then make sure you have your wood game on for the upper section because they come at you fast. This flow is on the low side for the upper but sometimes you just want to do it anyway. Here is a the short edit from a lap down with fellow Shasta boy Ryan Knight from a few weeks ago.

Mears Creek, CA 2011 from Shon Bollock on Vimeo.

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