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Pimp WHOSE Ride?

by Julie Schwietert Oct 13, 2008

The Straight Talk Express may have lost a wheel, but don’t worry.

McCain won’t need to pimp his ride: he’s got 13 cars to back him up.

According to an investigative report conducted by Newsweek last month, the McCains own 13 cars, while the Obamas own… wait for it… ONE.

To be fair, the McCain family is a bit bigger than the Obama family, and Obama’s daughters aren’t yet driving age, but still, do the McCains really need all these cars?

Among the cars in the McCain fleet:

2005 Volkswagen convertible:

2001 Honda sedan

2007 half-ton Ford pickup truck

1960s Vintage Willys Jeep

2008 Jeep Wrangler

and 3 200 NEV Gem electric vehicles

And the Obamas’ vehicle of choice?

a Ford Escape Hybrid.

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