Tell a story about a children’s game for your chance to be published by Pocket Cultures.

Our friends at Pocket Cultures are putting together a book and they want to give you a chance to be in it.

Several MatadorU students and grads write for Pocket Cultures, a website whose mission is to ” increase connections, awareness and understanding between different cultures.”

Pocket Cultures contributors have gotten together to work on a book about children’s games around the world, and they have decided to sponsor a contest for additional contributors. Submissions should be no longer than 500 words and should address this prompt:

Tell us about a game played by kids in your country. Tell us how to play it, and something extra about how it fits in your country / culture: do you know a story about the game’s history? Or does it bring back memories? Do kids still play the game these days?

If you win:
– your game will be included in the book, you will be profiled on the author page of the book, and you’ll receive a free copy.

The deadline is October 23.

Full details are on PocketCultures’ blog.

Community Connection:

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