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U Grad Reeti Roy Wins Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship

by Julie Schwietert Apr 13, 2010
Reeti’s writing career is taking off.

When Matador awarded Reeti Roy a scholarship to our travel writing program, we were confident that we’d see Reeti use the scholarship to strengthen her writing, expand her portfolio, and to engage with other writers in the program.

We weren’t disappointed; she did all of those things.

In addition, Reeti continued to look for other opportunities to build her skills, and she applied for the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship, which supports creative writing students by funding their participation in a three-week summer course held in Edinburgh.

Reeti won the scholarship, and will be headed to Scotland in August. The writing course coincides with the Edinburgh Book Festival, and Reeti is especially looking forward to connecting with other writers and “fellow students from all across the globe” (including, we hope, Matador’s own Andy Hayes, who is a local expert on Edinburgh for Planet Eye Traveler).

Congratulations, Reeti! We look forward to reading your work from Edinburgh.

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If you’d like to read more of Reeti’s writing, you can browse these articles she has published here at Matador, or visit her blog.

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