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10 Things Philadelphians Love More Than the Rest of the US

by Jennifer Prince Jul 13, 2018

Frigid winters, multi-cultural influences, and traditions that run deep. If you hail from the City of Brotherly Love, you catch my drift. If you are just passing through, you may want to be take notice of these things that Philly folks hold near and dear to their hearts.

1. Football in freezing temperatures

There are only two ways to take in the frigid Philly weather: bundle up with every piece of clothing you own or go shirtless, while screaming “E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!” at other tailgaters, no matter which team they’re rooting for.

2. Fabulous bread

Whether it’s the foundation for a cheesesteak or crafted into soft pretzel form, we Philadelphians do love good, freshly baked bread. The influence of both Italian and Pennsylvania Dutch cultures means that a taste for quality bread is embedded in our DNA.

3. Drive-ins (and thrus)

Long gone are drive-in movie theatres of yesteryear in every state, but in Pennsylvania they’re still going strong. If you’re in the suburbs, the ability to take in a movie on the big, BIG screen is a treat. Bonus points go to those who hit up the drive-thru beverage shop on the way to the drive-in.

4. Holiday traditions

From standing in line to see Dickens Village to vying for a spot to see the light show at Wanamaker’s (okay, Macy’s), generations of crowds gather to do the same same thing year after year.

5. Wawa

Central Pennsylvania can have its Sheetz. We on the eastern side get giddy when we see that sunset sign with shadowed geese because it always means that great coffee and sandwiches are within reach.

6. Public transit

Live on the outskirts of the city? No problem! Catching the train to Center City is a breeze, especially when public buses are waiting to take you just where you want to go.

7. Love

Who knows when the other statues came about, but we consider ours the first. From our signature LOVE statue to LOVE Park, all of it centers around the City of Brotherly Love. Is there really any other way?

8. Patriotism in sports

With all of our historical highlights, it’s no wonder that we have teams named the 76ers and the Eagles, right? And our fans know how to exercise their freedom of speech like most good Americans do.

9. Places that are ridiculously hard to spell

If you are on the Schuylkill Expressway you may have to drive through the Conshohocken Curve before you head to Manayunk. Confession: We STILL have to look up all of those spellings.

10. Museums

Philly folks crave variety, and Center City has a bunch of museums to satisfy our diverse tastes. Whether for children, science lovers, history buffs, or art enthusiasts, there is a stop for every type of museum aficionado. Just don’t expect us to go full Rocky at the Museum of Art like all the tourists — there are way too many steps for a born-and-bred Philadelphian!

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